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General Information

Welcome to JOY Kid Junior Triathlon & Fun Run

JOY Kid is a fundraiser for charities in need around our city/town. Proceeds for 2019 are still in the works.

This section contains information that is important to young athletes and to their parents/guardians. Reading and following these instructions will help assure that Saturday will be a safe and enjoyable day for kids and adults alike. This packet includes topics regarding the race course, specific course instructions, procedures, and policies.





  • Arrival Time: Check-in opens at 6:30 a.m. Check-in will take longer to get through the later it gets. We suggest checking in early enough to allow time to set up your transition and get to the required athlete meeting at 7:30 a.m. You must be race-ready at the athlete meeting, because you will stay in the pool area from then until your start. The Check-in table will be in front of transition. To check in, you must be already registered to race. There is no Registration on race day.
  • Release Form: You will be asked to sign a release form at check-in, so if you are under 18, you must also bring your legal parent/guardian along to sign it as well.
  • Parent Assist Category: If you would like to race in the Parent-Assist category, you must tell the check-in host to add you to the parent-assist list, even if you’ve notified someone prior to check-in.
  • Placing Race Numbers, bibs, bands, etc.: You will be given a few items at check-in or packet pick up the week of the event.  Place them according to instructions so they are easiest to see by course officials and lap counters.
    • Bib: The bib is to be pinned on the front of the t-shirt or running shorts or race belt before the race (safety pins are available at check-in). Do not pin the bib to your swimsuit or swim with it. Only put it on after the swim and keep it on for the rest of the race.